Kangana Ranaut Just Threatened Twitter And People Are Laughing

Kangana Ranaut has just threatened Twitter CEO on Twitter and people can't stop laughing.

Kangana Ranaut took to her Twitter handle to threaten Twitter and people are just laughing at the irony. Well, we all are aware that Kangana is more than active on her Twitter handle and posts controversial tweets on a daily basis.

 Recently, when cricketer Rohit Sharma posted about the ongoing farmers’ protest, Kangana replied to him in a degrading manner. She wrote, “Why all these cricketers sounding like dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghaat ka, why would farmers be against laws which are revolutionary for their well being. These are terrorists who are creating ruckus..say that na itna darr lagta hai.”

Her tweet was deleted by Twitter as it allegedly violated their terms. And then, Kangana did the most unexpected. She posted a threat to Twitter on Twitter itself which makes no sense. Tagging Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, she wrote, “China puppet twitter is threatening to suspend my account even though I did not violate any rules, remember jis din main jaungi tumko saath lekar jaungi, just like Chinese tik tok you will be banned as well.”

And now, the Twitter users can’t stop laughing. They pointed out that Twitter is not a China based company. They also enlightened her that Twitter is already banned in China and they have nothing to do with it.

A user wrote, “Sabko Leke jaungi….jaise iske pitaji baithe hain Twitter ke office me.”

Another user wrote, “I usually don’t come under your tweets, but seriously whatever you are smoking tell us, so that we can ban it.”