Kangana Ranaut Asks Bollywood To Stay Away From Religious Politics

Kangana Ranaut warned film industry that they should 'enjoy their success' and 'stay away from politics'.

It’s not even a week since Kangana Ranaut is back on Twitter and the darling of controversies has caught herself in another controversy with her series of tweets. The actress who got reinstated on Twitter on January 25, once again stirred up new controversy with her remarks on Bollywood celebrities supporting Pathaan. 

The actress has slammed Bollywood and those ‘claiming Pathaan is a triumph of love over hate’  in a series of tweets. Kangana had tweeted “Bollywood walon yeh narrative banane ki koshish mat karna ki iss desh mein tum Hindu hate se suffer kar rahe ho, agar maine phir se yeh word suna ‘triumph over hate’ toh tum logon ki wahi class lagegi jo kal lagi thi, enjoy your success and do good work, stay away from politics.”

 She said the film was ‘running successfully’ in theatres only because of ‘India’s love and inclusiveness’ towards ‘a film called Pathaan’ “All those who are claiming Pathaan is the triumph of love over hate, I agree, but whose love over whose hate? Let’s be precise, whose is buying tickets and making it a success? Yes it is India’s love and inclusiveness where 80 percent Hindus live and yet a film called Pathan, which shows our enemy nation Pakistan and ISI in good light is running successfully. It is this spirit of India beyond hate and judgements that makes it mahan (great)…”

Kangana’a last film Dhaakad which was directed by Razneesh Ghai and also starred Arjun Rampal, was a box office disaster. When one of the users pointed it out, Kangana had replied, “Yes, Dhakad was a historic flop, when did I deny this? This is SRK ji’s first successful film in ten years, we also take inspiration from him, I hope we will also get a similar chance that India gave him. After all this India is great, it is generous, Jai Shri Ram.”

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On the work front, Kangana will be next seen in political drama Emergency, where she will be seen portraying Indira Gandhi role and RSVP’s production Tejas, which is written and  directed by Sarvesh Mewara.

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