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Kangana Lashes Back At KRK Through Her Insta Stories

After seeing KRK back to targeting Kangana Ranaut on his tweet saying that Emergency will be her 11th flop film in a row, Kangana lashes back at KRK through her insta stories.

We all know how recently a few days back itself the reigning queen of Bollywood industry, Kangana Ranaut announced her new upcoming film titled Emergency in which she is going to be portraying our late and strong female politician Indira Gandhi which is not a total biopic but would cover major events which shook our Indian political history and post that announcement, the self acclaimed critic KRK (Kamaal R Khan) made a tweet on his twitter account saying that Kangana is making her 11th flop film just like her 10 previous flop movies and now reacting to this, Kangana lashes back at KRK through her insta stories.

Always known for being fearlessly bold and never the one who sugar-coats her words, the four times national award winning bollywood superstar Kangana lashes back at KRK through her insta stories.

Always being regaled as a stellar and exemplary performer who is always blunt and honest with her opinions on everything, Kangana lashes back at KRK through her insta stories.

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A few hours back taking to her instagram stories, Kangana posted two long notes for her fans and followers giving back an answer to KRK in her own way wherein in the first note she clearly without naming KRK wrote, “Whenever I announce my new projects, movie mafia pappus start to get sleepless nights. One dumbo I know who does underhand PR and his most favourite thing to do is spread fake rumours and declare 150cr business wali movie Manikarnika a flop and prove me jobless even though in reality, he is hiding in a hell hole from past 4 years, no growth in his work and feeding off fake link ups and torturing a kid to death and spreading negativity and spying on others … Guess his name?”.

Not only stopping here, Kangana furthermore also publically maligning KRK, bollywood mafia along with bikau media in the second note on her instagram story post wrote, “People who think they can use others to fulfil their agendas and climb the ladder are scum of this earth, those sly creatures who spread fake rumours and lies buy bikau media to malign others actually live worse lives than worms, for few weeks now I am facing severe smear campaigns, media reported I am jobless so I can’t pay tax even though I clearly meant no work cos no one is shooting because of corona, today systematically that my career is dead is being made viral, web is full of people declaring my career a huge flop even though arguably I am most successful actress today… I am not going to sit silent and suffer… I will expose everyone then you can file 100 FIRs on me I don’t care this is my last warning.. back off”.

Also currently on work front, at the moment Kangana has an interesting line up of films wherein she is going to be seen in much awaited multilingual biopic on late politician and actress J Jayalalithaa titled Thalaivi, followed by Dhaakad, next going to be seen essaying an airforce pilot in Tejas and is also going to be seen in Manikarnika Returns: The Legend Of Didda and Emergency as well.

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