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Kangana Declares Herself ‘India’s Most Powerful Woman’, Self-Appreciation Or Narcissism?

In a controversial move, a plea was filed in the Supreme Court asking to censor actress Kangana Ranaut’s future social media posts.

In a recent Instagram story update, actress Kangana has self-declared herself as the most powerful woman of India following with a crown emoticon. The actress, who is often subject to many controversies because of her bold and unaltered remarks on vague and non-essential topics, has yet another time managed to be the center of controversy with her recent remark on the Farmer’s protest calling them Khalistani Terrorists, a comment which has been objectified by the Sikh community.

In her Instagram story, the Queen actress shared a report of the plea that demanded her censorship from all of her future social media posts, that her posts be censored, amended, or modified before being shared, to maintain law and order. Advocate Charanjeet Singh Chanderpal, in his plea, mentioned, “The remarks are not only outrageous and blasphemous but also intend to cause riots, hurt religious sentiments, they are defamatory as well portray Sikhs in a totally anti-national manner. It also justifies the innocent killing of Sikhs. The remarks are totally against the unity of our country and the actress deserves a serious punishment in law. They cannot be brushed aside or excused,”

Kangana has also been a matter of discussion because of her previous comments on many such topics where her controversial statements had put her into trouble. One of the recent ones being her ‘Bheek wali Azaadi’ remark on India’s independence of 1947, Kangana has claimed that real freedom was attained not in 1957 but in 2014. From calling Mumbai ‘unsafe’ to live to Twitter suspending and banning her account for life, the actress’s feather-ruffling statements always trend on social media for all the unpopular reasons.

Although the actress never accounts herself for these mischiefs, and believes her statements no matter how bold and distasteful, never mean to offend anyone. “Today I am who I am because my understanding of myself never changed”, Kangna shared. “Perhaps the only expectation is that you grow up as a presentable young woman and get a decent spouse. I was a pain, not the kind of child an Indian parent would like to have,” she further confessed.

Most powerful woman of India? We doubt! But with her constant distasteful comments, Kangna is sure Bollywood’s Queen of Controversy!

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