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John Abraham OPENS UP On Making Donations For COVID-19; Check Out

John Abraham spills the beans on keeping mum about making donations for quarantine and also about his quarantine life and lockdown. Read below to know more.

In the midst of the nationwide lockdown due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, the whole Bollywood industry has come to a standstill. The B-town stars are still finding ways to interact with their fans be it via social media platforms or their YouTube channels. The B-town celebs are leaving no stone unturned to spread awareness about the virus. Many celebs have also stepped forward and offered monitory help to those adversely affected by the lockdown. Some stars even donated medication kits or offered food to the ones suffering because of the lockdown. And the stars have been very much vocal about the help they are offering but another Bollywood star John Abraham has some different thought for the same.

Talking about the same John said, “I think people who have announced, have done fantastic jobs. People like me would not make it public, not even through a subversive way. Not even through a PR person, where you find out ‘Hey, John has been doing this, he has not told anybody, but he’s actually told people to tell’. So I am probably right at the other end.”

The charming actor further added that this is scary as someone in the business told him that this is the time to buy goodwill. To which he replied by saying that we are faced by real-life situation and this is not the time to quote ‘buy’ goodwill. So he chose not to make it public with the donations he made. He also clarified that he doesn’t mean that the people who made public about their donations are wrong, he is just glad that the industry has come together at such times of crisis.

Speaking of his quarantine life John said that it has been a drastic change for him and he prefers home food and is always comfortable in his house. He also requested people to stay indoors and brush away the thought that the lockdown will be lifted on 4th May as nothing is going to be normal till the end of this year. And then that’s going to be everyone’s new normal.

He also lauded the efforts of the frontline workers and essential service workers who are working day and night to keep everyone safe. He called them the real warriors.

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