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John Abraham And His Love For Bikes

The handsome hunk of Bollywood John Abraham is a real bike lover and these pictures will show us why.

John Abraham is one of the fittest actors of the Bollywood industry. Every person has a special place in their heart for something or the other. While some celebrities collect their favorite things. Some of them have a huge collection of outfits, some have a big collection of footwear while some have a collection of watches.

John Abraham’s outfit and handsome hunk of  Bollywood have a soft corner for vehicles especially bikes. He has a huge collection of expensive and stylish bikes.

Take a look at this beautiful bike of John Abraham. This long black bike of John is really making all the bike lovers really jealous. He has got this bike costumed according to how he wants.

This is another bike that John owns. This bike is an Aprilla RSV4, which is powered 999 ccs. The titanium valves of the V4 engine. We really love this bike of John and would love to own it.

This photo shows us John Abraham’s love for bikes as this Yamaha RD350 in the picture is the first bike that John Abraham owned in his younger days and he still has this bike of his.

It is not just the bikes that he loves, he also owns a few supercars as well. The vehicle enthusiast owns a bulk of everything he loves.

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