Jacqueline Fernandez Beauty And Fitness Secrets

Here are some beauty and fitness tips that Jacqueline Fernandez follows.

After being crowned Miss Sri Lanka in the year 2006, Jacqueline Fernandez came to India to try her luck in the Bollywood industry. Even after her first movie did not do so well she did not give and worked hard towards success and today she is counted among the top actresses of the Bollywood industry. 

Today, we will take a look at the beauty and fitness secrets of this gorgeous Sri Lankan beauty which she keeps sharing with her fans.

1) The Skincare Mantra

Jacqueline starts off her day with a glass of lukewarm water for the hydration and the glow of her skin. She prefers homemade face packs instead of the artificial ones. As a teenager, Jacqueline had to face an acne problem, because of which she takes proper care of her face by regular cleansing and toning.

2) The Hair Care Routine

Jacqueline knows that her hair has to go through a lot of damage because of styling and she makes sure of taking care of her hair by shampooing it after any treatment on her hair. She uses beer to rinse her hair and uses an egg white mask to gain the shine on her hair.

3) The Fitness Regime

All kinds of Yoga, swimming, dancing, gym workout and meditation are all parts of Jacqueline’s fitness regime.

To all the young ladies out there who are crushing on Jacqueline’s beauty, follow these tips and try taking her footsteps.