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Is This Kareena’s Last Insta Post Before Becoming Mother Again

Just hours back in early afternoon today, the heavily pregnant and mommy to be's instagram story is making fans wonder that is this Kareena's last insta post before becoming mother again.

Lately, a few hours back, we all saw how the heavily pregnant ace actress had shared an informational post on her social media handle which makes us wonder that is this Kareena’s last insta post before becoming mother again.

Taking to her official instagram handle, Kareena dropped an informative post on her insta story which is even making her fans mull deep that is this Kareena’s last insta post before becoming mother again.

After passing her supposed due date of 15th February, Kareena is ready to pop anytime now, and before going to the hospital for delivering their second baby, she took to her instagram account and ended up sharing an important post on her instagram stories even making us all think that is it Kareena’s last insta post before becoming mother again.

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Also, many news reports in the media claim that Bebo could currently be in the hospital for her baby delivery second time now.

Stunning and stellar film star Kareena Kapoor who is expecting their second child with hubby Saif Ali Khan and already has their adorable munchkin son Taimur Ali Khan, has reportedly even passed her official due date of 15th February and also the entire country is eagerly waiting for the good news now.

Even though she is heavily pregnant right now along with being in her last trimester, we all saw she was working continuously in her entire pregnancy which kept her on toes where all fans and netizens along with paps often snapped her stepping out within the city shooting for her various work related commitments before she gets set to deliver their baby in the hospital now. She also took her social media game up by yet another notch now wherein she kept on giving the people and fans must have #maternityfashiongoals each time now.

Speaking of her work, she recently took to her instagram stories and yet again promoted a brand for kids. But we wonder that is this Kareena’s last insta post before becoming mother again.

In her stories, we can see her wearing a printed dress speaking about the online learning platform that gives English, Spanish, French and Hindi lessons for kids between the age group of 3 to 12 year old along with peerless storytelling.

Bebo is an unstoppable force now who has been seen finishing off all her work commitments even in her final trimester now. When in a recent interview, she was questioned about even working in the last phase, on this Kareena said, “Why can’t pregnant women work?”.

She also added, “I do not understand the fuss about it. I have worked throughout my pregnancies and will continue to do even after delivery. In fact, it’s good to remain active and on your feet as it’s good for the baby’s health. I have never really experienced any bias”.

Before Kareena’s second baby delivery, in a recent and exclusive interview with a leading indian news wire agency, Saif talking about embracing fatherhood one more time yet again also mentioned about how it made him stable and in a position where he is now able to enjoy having kids around.

Throwing more emphasis on this point, Saif said, “I think there is a certain amount of more patience and stability in life. I was more impatient earlier, and little more concerned with what I’m doing and where I’m going, and (it was) unsettling generally. (I was) trying like most people to balance, trying to be stable for children at the same time, the instability of your own career”.

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