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Irrfan Khan Lives On In The Heart Of His Son Babil

One never really gets over the loss of a father. The vacuum they leave never really fills. It is always hard and time only partially heals. But they live in our hearts and memories.

Similarly Irrfan Khan lives on in the heart and instagram on his son Babil.

The son of late actor Irrfan Khan frequently shares throwback pictures of the two of them with heartfelt quotes and captions. It clearly shows how far he is from getting over his father’s death.

Sharing the picture, Babil wrote: “Switching places by the lake. I love the way you shake my soul still. I took that jump you know, funny it was waiting outside my door still. You said “that’s all you have to do.” I leapt off a little too late, but I did in memories of you.” The picture shows Babil sitting by the side of a waterfront, while his father is on his back and taking a picture of his son. Babil can be seen smiling but he is not looking at the camera. His mother Sutapa Sikdar reacted to the picture and wrote: “And I still have this sweater of yours to freeze the moment.”

In another one he shares a rare childhood picture of the two of them. He shared, “Death is painful for the living, for those dearest to your heart, but you taught me that death is only the beginning. So I’m here celebrating your life in my mind, divine bitter-sweetness. I was listening to ‘The Beatles’ then you got me obsessed with ‘The Doors’ and we used to sing along. I sing those songs still now, I feel you then.”

His whole Instagram feels like a walk into the memories of his and his late father.

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Babil On His Father’s Death: Irrfan Khan Lives On

Babil has also never shied away from talking about how the loss affected him. He also shared his thoughts on coming to terms with Irrfan Khan’s death.

“I slept for 14 hours and I didn’t want to wake up cause I was dreaming about you. Waking up is the worst, I hate realising everyday that you’re gone. You didn’t say anything, we just laughed. (He’s playing the OG ‘bounce’)”

At another time, taking on trolls who claimed to know his father better than him , he had written: “I have felt a sense of liberation from your hate because I realised, you really don’t have anything to do but hate and form a quick judgemental opinion about an actual human being . So really man, for haters that claim they know my father, or know my father better than me like “oh your father would be so ashamed of you”, shut your mouth, me and baba were the bestest friends don’t try to teach me what my father would have done just cause you can without knowing his true beliefs. If you’re an Irrfan Khan fan, come prove it me, show me his fascinations with Tarkovsky and Bergmann and then we shall probably start a conversation of how much you think you know my father. He was beyond you my friend.”

Irrfan died in April this year after a two-year battle with neuroendocrine tumour. He had undergone prolonged treatment in the UK but his end came in a Mumbai hospital, surrounded by his loved ones.

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