Innocent Until Proven Guilty: When Did This Principle Die?

Has the judicial principle 'Innocent until proven guilty' died a painful death? When did the citizens of this country became so intolerant?

Innocent until proven guilty– Our justice system upholds this principle and applies to the smallest of cases such as pickpocketing or as big as murder. It ensures a fair trial to the accused.

We have read it, heard it and have grown up learning this. But to what use? It is saddening to see how one is immediately termed ‘Guilty’ unless he/she proves one’s innocence.

The question is- When did we become so intolerant and abusive as citizens?

A high profile death case and the entire population of a country announces the verdict even before the investigating authorities could reach a conclusion. ‘Murderer’ is a huge accusation to be made on someone. We shout at the top of our voices how blind articles and false allegations could push someone to depression. And the next minute, we end up flooding the comment section and DMs of people with abuses and rape threats whom we think are ‘guilty’.

Media trails, sponsored campaigns, insensitive headlines is what we call journalism now! This isn’t the young India we dreamt of! This isn’t the democracy we fought for!

We have no proof of someone’s innocence. But we don’t have proof of someone’s guilt at well. We cannot abuse, threaten and tarnish someone’s image just because we have a mobile, an internet connection and know a few abusive words.

As responsible citizens, we all were right to stand up together for justice. We were right to demand a CBI inquiry because we felt something was wrong. In unity, we have achieved it so far and will continue to do so! But can we not stop labeling someone guilty? Can we not understand the difference between having suspicion and blindly giving a verdict without an authority? Can’t we let the investigating authorities do their job now? After all, this is what we asked in the first place.

With this, I have invited a lot of abuses for myself! But doesn’t it reflects the toxicity we are living in?


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