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Influencer Aashna Shroff Is First Indian Creator Walking Ramp At LPFW

Aashna Shroff who is a well known fashion, beauty and lifestyle creator from Mumbai is first indian creator walking ramp at L'oreal Paris Fashion Week (LPFW).

Its indeed a proud moment for our country India as the well known social media influencer Aashna Shroff is first indian creator walking ramp at LPFW.

A leading beauty, lifestyle and fashion content creator who has a strong social media fanbase on instagram, influencer Aashna Shroff is first indian creator walking ramp at LPFW.

This is indeed an exciting news for fans on social media as their favorite influencer Aashna Shroff is first indian creator walking ramp at LPFW.

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Aashna Shroff, a leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle creator from Mumbai (India), became the first-ever Indian creator to be invited by the beauty brand L’Oréal to walk the prestigious ramp in Paris, for their annual Paris Fashion Week show this October 2021.

Staged at Parvis des Droits de L’Homme, Aashna Shroff shares the stage with iconic figures like Aishwarya Rai, Helen Mirren, Nikolaj Coster-Waldeu, Camila Cabello, Marie Bochet and others.

Having made an indelible mark on the Indian fashion scene, Aashna is now all prepped to take India to the world. Being a part of such a  prestigious event, Aashna said, “When L’Oreal Paris first told me that they want me to walk for their Le Défilé show at Paris Fashion Week this year, I genuinely couldn’t believe it. It’s a dream come true for me. To be walking on the same stage as such celebrated global figures is a huge honour. I am so grateful for the opportunity and to be the only Indian creator here, representing my country amongst people from all over the world is truly a surreal feeling”.

She also said, “A big thank you to everyone back home, my team and of course to L’Oreal Paris who had the faith in me to do this”.

Aashna Shroff’s work and personal style has been widely featured and celebrated in the fashion industry. Through her digital journey, Aashna has amassed more than a million followers across social media platforms, and her style and beauty recommendations have been an inspiration for many. She has been awarded and recognised by various publications for her work, including Cosmopolitan magazine’s award for ‘Engaging content’.

About the event: 

L’Oreal Paris, an official partner of Paris Fashion Week, put on the Le Défilé Paris show, on 3rd October, 2021, to make a powerful feminist statement and to advocate for all women with the “Stand Up Against Street Harassment” program.

The show was staged at the Parvis des Droits de L’Homme. The occasion also marks the brand’s 50th birthday of its catchphrase “Because You’re Worth It”, the show’s theme is an ode to women’s empowerment and diversity that reflects the L’Oréal Paris’ commitment to supporting all women around the world.

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