Imran Khan On His Divorce With Avantika Malik: “My Marriage Wasn’t Helping…”

Imran Khan, who is in a relationship with Lekha Washington, said that he and his ex-wife Avantika Malik weren't making each other stronger like an ideal relationship.

Imran Khan, who had been almost ghosting his fans for many years, made his comeback on social media in August last year and ever since then, making headlines about ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na 2’. Well, the franchise isn’t happening yet but Imran Khan has kept himself under limelight because of his relationship status. The actor made many public appearances with his girlfriend Lekha Washington, as he got separated from his wife Avantika Malik. Recently, the actor who stayed silent on many things in his life, opened up about his divorce with Avantika. 

In a recent interview with India Today, he talked about what led his marriage to divorce.  He said, “I’m hesitant to add a lot of fuel to the gossip fire, but as I was dealing with all of this baggage and my internal struggle, I did find that my marriage and my relationship were not helping any of that.” The Delhi Belly actor explained how a relationship should be and how their relationship wasn’t fitting into the frame. “In an ideal, healthy dynamic between two people, you are both making each other better, healthier, stronger, and supporting each other to be the healthiest, best, strongest version. We were not in that place,” he added. 

Imran and Avantika split their ways in 2019 and within a year and half, he was with Lekha. But there were rumors that she was the one responsible for his divorce. In a conversation with Vogue, Imran corrected her image, saying, “The speculation that I’m romantically involved with Lekha Washington is true. There’s this narrative of Lekha being a homewrecker, which infuriates me because not only is it misogynistic, but it also takes away my agency as an individual.” He continued ahead, “Lekha and I grew close during the lockdown, a year and a half after I had been separated from Avantika and almost a year after she had separated from her partner, not husband as it has been widely reported.”

After a huge gap, Imran Khan started engaging with people through various podcasts and interviews and is quite active on social media with some anecdotes from his previous works. 

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