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“I thought BA Pass was an educational film,” says actress Kritika Sachdeva

Actor Kritika Sachdeva who made her debut with BA Pass 2 says that she thought it would be an educational film.

Actor Kritika Sachdeva made her acting debut in 2017 with the Hindi film BA Pass 2. She was pursuing her graduation in Chandigarh when she was asked to audition for this film. Kritika says that she hadn’t watched BA Pass when she was offered the sequel.

During an exclusive interview, Kritika said, “People from FilmyBox called me. They asked me to give auditions for BA Pass 2. And I hadn’t even watched BA Pass until then. I literally thought that it would be an educational film or based on student life. I went there and heard the script. And I even liked it because it was not bold. BA Pass is not a bold film. I did audition for 7 days, then I was finalised for the role.”

Kritika also said that she was stereotyped in the industry after her debut film. She told that she was offered only bold roles even though ‘BA Pass 2 was not a bold film’.

“There was nothing bold in BA Pass 2 but I was stereotyped due to the name of the film. People assumed that I was okay with bold roles. I was offered so many roles after BA Pass 2 from many big production houses, but all of them were bold roles. And I was not comfortable doing that. So, that’s why I had a 3-year gap. And also, there were certain personal circumstances. But now, I am coming back,” the actor said.

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Kritika has made a comeback after 3 years. Her web series ‘Viraat’ is already streaming on FilmyBox.

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