“I Saw My Brother Drowning” – Jackie Shroff Gets Emotional

Actor Jackie Shroff talks about the trauma of seeing his brother die at a very young age.

Jackie Shroff has always been vocal about his past. He was born and brought up in a chawl and became a superstar from scratch. Jackie never felt shy speaking about spending his childhood in poverty. Recently, he even talked about dealing with a tragedy at the age of 10.

In an interview with senior journalist Bharati S Pradhan, Jackie talked about how he lost his elder brother many years ago. The veteran actor told that his brother was 17 years old when he jumped into the water to save his friend. He emotionally said, “I saw my brother drowning. I was 10 years old. I still remember it. How can one forget that? That trauma is still inside. I don’t want to dig it out. A lot of people go through tragic things.”

“For friends, he was all out. We have learned the same thing. We can burn our house to give warmth to someone else,” he added.

Jackie Shroff admitted that his elder brother was his ideal hero. He stated, “He was 17 and I was 10. Obviously, he was the hero. He gave his life for a friend which is huge. That’s guts and loyalty.”

Jackie then talked about death being a part of the life cycle. He said, “Everyone loses someone in their family and you can not do anything about it. There isn’t a single house where they haven’t lost someone. It is a normal thing. I always say that I love my mother the most but I can’t go with her. I could have cried my lungs out. I could have been devastated. She was my mother after all. I realised the journey of life. I loved my mother and I couldn’t go with her because I have many left behind. I have my kids. I feel that my father, mother and my brother are all around. Where will they go? I wonder where will they go. In my heart, I feel them. If I think of my mother, I dream of her.”

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