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“I am an Indian first, an entrepreneur who takes care of a 1000 families next,” Sachiin J Joshi

“I am an Indian first, an entrepreneur who takes care of over 1000 families next. It is time we stop thinking ‘I’ and start thinking ‘we’. As an Indian I decided to help give meals to the poor and to give Beatle for the COVID 19 patients. That is what every Indian should do for his nation.”

Every company has disgruntled employees and in our case, it is a handful who want to use media for armtwisting tactics. The investigation of Thinktank dispute is on in Labour Court and we have full faith in the country’s judiciary. How can anyone tell me I cannot help COVID19 victims,” storms Sachiin Joshi as he confirms that the employees who are trying to armtwist him using media will be immediately served legal notices.

“Are these people asking me not to feed the poor or not to give my hotel to the government for aiding patients misusing media? How dare they” he thunders.

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Viiking Ventures had acquired a company Tugboat and rechristened it Thinktank.

 The deal was that they would be self-sufficient in terms of revenue and we would give them the umbrella and infrastructural support. “But we were left straddled with their frauds and liabilities. There was dual employment, money issues, etc. which they have accepted on social media as well  Once the frauds are sorted, the liabilities wil be too. We have details and letter from some employees accepting that they were doing dual jobs. As we were investigating, they (the ex-employees) tried using Mumbai Mirror to armtwist us. Post that came the lockdown. Now, they are trying to use scare tactics using Mid-Day while the matter is already in court. We are perfectly fine with legal recourse but trying to use media to malign our reputation will only ensure stringent action from our end,” he says.

“I am taking care of 1000 families, literally. Why are a handful not paid? There must surely be a reason. For a bunch of people whom we tried hard to keep on board to take care of a lossmaking company that had a chain of frauds, I can say this reputation tarnishing exercise could well be their best work. If only they had used this intelligence and unity to work, the company would have at least been at break-even.”

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