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Abhay Spills How Hrithik Almost Killed Him During ZNMD Shoot

In a recent instagram video post uploaded by Zoya and Reema's Tiger Baby Films on instagram, Abhay Deol reveals how Hrithik almost killed him and Farhan during ZNMD shoot.

In a recent new insta video post by official handle of noted film maker Zoya Akhtar’s Tiger Baby Films on instagram, iconic Bollywood actor Dev D (2011) fame Abhay spills how Hrithik almost killed him during ZNMD shoot.

In this video shared by Tiger Baby Films, taking all fans and netizens down the memory lane, this nostalgia evoking quirky video reveals that Abhay spills how Hrithik almost killed him during ZNMD shoot.

We all know that Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara also known as ZNMD which released almost 10 years ago back in 2011 is one of the most memorable and cult iconic bollywood films which is loved by audiences and fans even today and as we know the film’s 10th anniversary is approaching and so both Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti’s Tiger Baby Films have taken to their production house’s official social media instagram account and uploaded a video from their ‘Off The Record’ series wherein Abhay spills how Hrithik almost killed him during ZNMD shoot.

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Abhay Deol also spoke about what actually happened behind the scenes and that Hrithik Roshan almost killed him and Farhan Akhtar on sets of ZNMD (Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara).

The video shows the cast and crew totally engrossed in filming the iconic ‘Mental Bwoy’ scene and Abhay later on also shared that how Hrithik almost got them all killed since he forgot turning off the car and sharing this hilarious shoot memory, Abhay said, “I also remember before shooting this scene, Hrithik almost killed me and Farhan, and how he did that was- he was behind the driver’s seat and he drove the car into this corner to park it on the side for the background of the shot and forgot to switch the car off! And he opens the door and walks out of it and then suddenly jumps back in cos the car started to go forward to go down the hill”.

Also mentioning about how Farhan jumped quickly out of the car and he felt that he was going to die, Abhay said, “Farhan was really fast. He jumped out immediately, and I sat there thinking I’m going to die now”.

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