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How Nick Jonas Reacted After Reading About Priyanka Chopra’s Boyfriends

Here's how Nick Jonas reacted after reading about Priyanka Chopra's boyfriends in her memoir 'Unfinished'.

Priyanka Chopra is celebrating as she has just become a published author. She has written a memoir titled ‘Unfinished’ in which she has penned all about her life. From childhood memories, to teenage crushes, to dating life and journey to Hollywood, Priyanka has spilled every secret in her book.

She has written about her boyfriends and how she was like with them. This surely grabbed the attention of her husband Nick Jonas. When Priyanka asked him how he felt while reading about it, Nick said, “You know, some of the stuff, to be totally real, your early dating life and your… kind of… you know, high school crushes and things like that – we’ve spoken about it. But it’s just funny to read it. Just to think, like imagining you as a high schooler is you know, really something that was fun for me to read.”

As Nick said it, Priyanka Chopra couldn’t stop face-palming.

As a proud husband, Nick tweeted, “My beautiful wife @priyankachopra just added PUBLISHED AUTHOR to her already long list of achievements! Unfinished is out now! Congratulations Pri! You are all going to love this book.”

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