Himansh’s Sister Disha Gets Hitched, Himansh Says I Will Miss Her

Soon to be seen in his upcoming film Boondi Raita alongside Sonnalli Seygall, B town star Himansh Kohli's sister Disha gets married, Himansh says I will miss her.

Bollywood actor Yaariyan (2014) fame Himansh’s sister Disha gets hitched, Himansh says I will miss her.

It was indeed a bitter sweet moment for the film star since Himansh’s sister Disha gets hitched, Himansh says I will miss her.

Speaking about the marriage celebrations of his sister, Himansh’s sister Disha gets hitched, Himansh says I will miss her.

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Himansh Kohli sounds both emotional and happy talking about his sister’s marriage. Disha, a baker by profession, tied the knot with Abhay Malhotra, a businessman, on 28th February, in Delhi. There were a series of functions that was organised following Covid 19 norms, shares the Yaariyan actor.

On this, he said, “I was in high spirits for my sister and made sure all the preparations were perfectly done, after all it was a very important event of her life. But to be honest I was feeling a tad bit of other emotions as a brother too. That she will be leaving us someday is something we knew would happen, but you are never prepared for it”.

Kohli continues that as a brother he was excited because his sister was starting a new phase of life. “That’s there but I’m missing my sibling a lot. She has taken the next step in life and has a new set of responsibilities and priorities, which I completely understand. But I miss our endless conversation, fights and all the attention from her. Guess now I have to get used to this feeling,” he adds, wishing the world’s happiness to his sister and brother-in-law.

He also can’t stop talking about how beautiful and content they looked on the wedding night. The first function, Mehendi was on 27th February, followed by a ring ceremony in the evening on the same day. The next day was the wedding with a humble gathering of near and dear ones.

“We had planned everything out in a way that every norm is followed to the T. We could not host many people given the pandemic. There were lesser functions planned unlike earlier times when it used to be a week-long affair and entire house would be filled with friends and relatives. Maybe after we all get back to those older times, we might organise a bigger gathering. But for now, we can’t take the risk,” he shares.