High Court Halts “Hamare Baarah” Release Just Days Before Premiere

The makers are devastated by the High Court's sudden stay, just 48 hours before the global release of "Hamare Baarah."

“Hamare Baarah” encounters another setback as the High Court imposes a stay just two days before its scheduled release. The makers are deeply distressed by this sudden development. With just 48 hours left before the worldwide release, the High Court’s decision has thrown them into turmoil.

Hamare Baarah Controversy

The film “Hamare Baarah” has sparked widespread discussions by tackling the rarely addressed issue of overpopulation in Indian cinema. Set in Uttar Pradesh, it sheds light on the urgent matter of population growth and its complex consequences.

Since its announcement, “Hamare Baarah,” starring Annu Kapoor, Manoj Joshi, and Paritosh Tripathi, has garnered public interest for its bold narrative. Recently, Annu Kapoor and the film’s team met Maharashtra CM Shri Eknath Shinde ji to express gratitude for the provided safety measures during the release week.

However, Producer Birender Bhagat and Ravi S Gupta have expressed grave concerns regarding the recent decision to halt their film’s release, despite having obtained a censor certificate.

Birender Bhagat said in a statement, “Our film has received a certificate from the censor board. It is set to release on its scheduled date this Friday. We have invested crores of our hard earned money in making of the film, risked our entire life’s savings, and made this film with great difficulty. We are shocked & disappointed since a stay has been imposed on our film without even watching it.”

Ravi S Gupta added, “This is a serious matter. The film was scheduled for a worldwide release on June 7. All our distributor agreements had been signed and all payments have been made to the distributors. Screenings were complete and everything was finalised. Now, we will have to halt the release everywhere, with our entire life savings at stake. Without hearing our side or watching the film, it has been stopped just days before its June 7 release,”

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