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Hero No. 1 Govinda Says He Still Smells Of Poverty, Watch Video

Govinda recalls his childhood struggles and says that he still smells of poverty. Watch his interaction with the media.

Bollywood actor Govinda has seen through several ups and downs in his life. He hailed from a financially deprived family and struggled his way into Bollywood. When he started getting work in films, he didn’t stop. He never said no to work and used to work on five films at a time. There have been instances when Govinda couldn’t even go back home to sleep as he was always on set shooting for one film or the other. He worked like a maniac to achieve the stardom he got in the 80s and 90s and gained the title of “Hero No. 1” inspired by one of his films.

During a recent event, Govinda recalled his struggles in childhood and admitted that he still smells of poverty. He said, “I came from a financially backward family. Although my mother, Nirmala Devi Ji was a popular classical artist, we always had food on our plates. But since we were financially deprived, I used to stand outside the grocery shop and since we couldn’t pay our debts, the shopkeeper used to make me stand for very long durations. I used to keep standing for 3-5 hours outside shops to get the ration.”

Govinda added, “So, people who have come from such a background, are happy with anything they get anywhere. It is because, when you remember those days of struggle, you get goosebumps and you get scared. And I am still thankful for each and everything. I still smell of poverty. It hasn’t gotten out of me yet.”

Govinda has delivered some remarkable films like Hero No. 1, Coolie No. 1, Swarg, Raja Babu, Partner and Bhagam Bhag. His films are still on our watchlist every time we feel gloomy.

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