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Here’s Why Salman Khan is Everything for Bodyguard Shera

If you have been following Bollywood and are a Salman Khan fan then there is no way that you do not know who Shera is. Shera is Salman Khan’s bodyguard and he is also famous among Salman fans. Shera has been working for Salman’s protection for the last 30 years and Salman considers him to be a family member rather than his Bodyguard.

But, what does the bodyguard of our Bollywood bodyguard have to say about Salman Khan and why he respects him.

Shera has shared his feelings that he respects Salman a lot and he promises to stay with Bhaijaan until his last breath. Shera also says that come what may, he will always be the first one to face the difficulties coming towards to Salman.

Shera told in one of the interviews that instead of standing behind Salman he will always stand in front of him so that he is the first one to face the problem or difficulty. 

Not just with Salman, Shera admits of sharing a unique bond with the whole Khan Family and each member of the family treats him with respect and like a family member and not like any kind of an employee.

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