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Here’s How Covid+ Milind Soman Celebrated Holi With Wife

The second wave of Coronavirus has forced everyone to stay indoors during Holi celebrations this year. People celebrated Holi in the boundaries of their homes, unable to socialize with their friends and neighbors.

And then, there are people who are Covid positive who couldn’t even celebrate with their loved ones. People who are found positive have to isolate themselves so that no one else is infected via them.

Actor and model Milind Soman is one of the many people who are in isolation these days. He was found Covid Positive a week ago. Despite being under isolation, he found a way to celebrate Holi.

His wife Ankita came to visit with full PPE kit and first mangoes of the season! The couple were separated by a glass and Ankita visited Milind wearing PPE kit and a mask. They also put Holi color on themselves.

Sharing the pictures, Milind wrote in the caption, “Quarantine. Day 7. Happy holi people !!! I really shouldn’t be looking so grumpy, because @ankita_earthy came to visit with full Ppe kit and first mangoes of the season! No hug though. we put some colour on ourselves and ate puranpolis. I ate six mangoes and they were delicious. Hail Alphonso !!!! Don’t know whether my taste buds are impaired. Definitely can’t smell anything. I drink a kadha 5-6 times a day. With methi and stuff. No fatigue, no headache, no fever, no other symptoms. I try to sleep the whole day, mental and physical rest is so important for the body in it’s healing process.”

Well, happiness sure finds its way even in tough times. In Milind’s case, his happiness was Ankita and a basket of mangoes.

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