Here Are The Top 5 Fitness Secrets Of Akshay Kumar You Should Know

We bring you some of his top fitness secrets which you steal from Akshay Kumar's fitness routine to remain as fit and healthy as him, take a look-

54 years old Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has left behind all the stereotypes of aging, the actor doesn’t look a day older than 40 while with each passing year the actor has made his fans wonder about how he manages to ace it all. The 54years old actor is known for his toned body and physique, while it seems that aging has no effect on him.

The Bollywood superstar has given several hits to the industry including films like Sooryavanshi, Good Newzz, and Rowdy Rathore among many other films. However, what remains a mystery is his never fading and everlasting handsome looks. So we bring you some of his top fitness secrets which you steal from Akshay Kumar’s fitness routine to remain as fit and healthy as him, take a look-

  1. Akshay Is An Early Bird

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is known for his disciplined routine for which the actor has been praised quite a few times now. Akshay Kumar is known to have a very strict rule of not shooting late at the night, while he prefers to start early in the morning. During his appearance at Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee With Karan, the actor revealed his routine and said, “I love my sleep and I love to see the mornings. People who invite me to a party know that I will leave early because I have to be in bed. And let me tell you, I hate night shifts,”.

2. Hydration Is The Key

One of the secrets of Akshay is his well-hydrated body, the actor once revealed that he consumes a daily intake of a minimum of 4-5 liters of water. It is indeed very important to stay hydrated while carrying out the daily chores as drinking loads of water helps with metabolism. Apart from Akshay veteran actor Anil Kapoor also revealed that he drinks a lot of water to keep himself hydrated.

3. Natural Fitness-Yoga

The Raksha Bandhan actor believes that there’s no shortcut to good health and fitness. Instead of depending on artificial supplements like protein powder, supplements, the actor prefers natural ways like Yoga, swimming, boxing, and others for his workout routine. Mentioning the same the actor once shared his views with a post on his social media as he wrote, “We Are What We Eat, Be a Product of Mother Nature. DON’T be a Product of a Product, #AntiSupplements. Be True to your body & it’ll carry you in ways you only dreamed of at this age…trust me, I’m a father of two. Take care, 1 Life, Get It Right.”

4. Say Yes To Homemade Food Only

Time and again the Bollywood actor has shared the importance of eating homemade food which is indeed the best and the most healthy way of staying fit and healthy. Akshay once said, “Whatever your mother makes at home is the best,”. He loves eating healthy, clean, and less spicy food. Akshay prefers to have his last meal by 7 pm and he strictly believes in the logic of ‘Eat right and live healthy’.

5. Say No To Smoking, Drinking & Caffeine

The 54 years old actor prefers to stay away from indulging in both smoking and drinking. The actor makes sure to say no to excessive intake of Caffeine. In an interview with Bombay Times the actor once revealed that smoking and drinking aren’t good for health, he said, “If you smoke or drink, you will not have the stamina to work out,”.

With such healthy habits and a well-followed routine, there’s no doubt how the actor manages to stay so fit and healthy even at the age of 54. Akshay has indeed proved that age is just a number. So if you want to stay as fit and healthy as Akshay make sure to follow these secret tips.

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