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Gulzar: The King of Lyrics

Here is why we consider Gulzar Sahab as the King of Lyrics in Bollywood.

Gulzar Sahab, born Sampoorna Singh Kalra, is undoubtedly the King of Lyrics of the Bollywood Music Industry. He is popularly known for his poems and lyrics with which he has given a great contribution to the music industry. Each and every word that Gulzar Sahab penned has a special kind of emotion and manages to reach the depth of our hearts.

Gulzar Sahab’s lyrics are considered to be timeless, because no matter when we are listening to them, they are equally refreshing. Even in today’s trending POP music times, Gulzar Sahab’s lyrics are very soothing to hear as his lyrics are the perfect combination of emotions at all times.

If you need lyrics for a song, no matter which genre Gulzar Sahab can provide you the lyrics such wide is his expertise. He has written songs like Lakdi Ki Kathi and Jungle Jungle Pata Chala Hai for kids, item songs like Beedi Jalayile, Kajra Re and Namak Ishq Ka and soulful songs like Aye Zindagi Gale Laga Le, Musafir Hoon Yaaron and Aye Ajnabi.

Gulzar Sahab is the only living legend who has won an Oscar, a Grammy and a National Award. The lyrics penned by Gulzar strike hearts of every music lover irrespective of their age. 

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