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Gul Panag shares another picture now wearing an 18-year-old dress

Gul Panag now wears an 18-year-old dress and looks stunning as ever. It has a short story behind it as well.

Gul Panag is an inspiration to all the girls out there who dream to be fit all their life. The pretty lady has managed to keep herself in shape over the years and how!

She took to her social media to share a picture wearing an 18-year-old dress and left everyone awestruck. She narrated a short story in her post wherein she wrote “Down with those who say ‘you can’t repeat a dress’. This dress is 18 years old. And I’ve been repeating it for a while. There’s a story behind this dress. But more on that later. About the dress. HE got it for me in the year of the lord 2001. He was on a work trip to Seattle ( to pick up and ferry back a new #B737 from Boeing), when the delivery of the aircraft was in delayed. Indefinitely. A 3 day trip turned into a 20 day trip. He had a lot of time at hand . He saw this dress in a store. It was way more than he could then afford. He had 15 days to think about it. Still bought it.”

Well, now that’s cool.

This is not the first time Gul has worn such a old dress. Recently she was vacationing in Maldives and wore the same bikini that she wore in the year 1999. The best part is, she perfectly fits in the swimsuit. Just look at the way she has maintained herself.

Kudos to you Gul!

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