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“Govinda Is A Victim Of Bollywood Lobbying,” Says Friend Nagma Akhtar

Actor and model Nagma Akhtar who shares a good bond with Govinda reveals that he became a victim of Bollywood lobbying.

Govinda, the superstar of the 90s disappeared from the films industry in the 2000s. He did a few films like ‘Partner’ and ‘Bhagam Bhaag’ a decade ago but his career didn’t shine through in the 21st century while his contemporaries Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgn and others have continued to rule the industry all these years.

During several media interactions in the past, Govinda revealed that he became a victim of lobbying culture in the industry. His friend Nagma Akhtar who recently posted a picture with Govinda on her Instagram was asked if Govinda mentions the difficulties he faced in the industry. Nagma said, “Yes, we talk about his journey and experience in the industry because I get to learn a lot from him. And yes, he has been a victim of groupism. See, nobody can beat Govinda. He is a legend. But people sidelined him due to the groupism culture. He shares his experience with me. He hopes that I never become a victim of it.”

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When asked about how she became friends with Govinda, actor and model Nagma said, “We met through a common friend and became very good friends. He is such a sweetheart. He is very gentle. You get so many things to learn from him. And he doesn’t throw star tantrums. He is a very simple man and carries a very positive aura. You just want to keep talking to him. He is like a family to me. I got his blessings even during the launch of Umeed Films.”

Nagma also hinted that Govinda would come up with something special for his fans very soon.

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