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Govinda Speaks Up, Says Washing Dirty Linen In Public Is Insecurity

After Krushna finally spilled up the beans about their ongoing feud in an interview few days back, it seems like mama Govinda also speaks up, says washing dirty linen in public is a sign of insecurity.

It feels like this ongoing tussle and fight of ideologies and words between the most loved mama-bhanja duo Govinda and Krushna Abhishek isn’t about to end up anytime soon and after Krushna told about it in his interview a few days back, it seems like bollywood superstar Govinda speaks up, says washing dirty linen in public is insecurity.

Recently we saw how Krushna did not participate in an episode of The Kapil Sharma Show that airs on Sony TV, where his mama Govinda was invited as a guest and this behaviour of his didn’t really go down well with Govinda who also took an indirect sly dig at Krushna for the same. But since Krushna has spoken up about the widening chasm and strained relations between him and mama Govinda, it feels like his mama Govinda speaks up, says washing dirty linen in public is insecurity.

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During Krushna’s interview with a leading digital entertainment website a few days back, when quizzed about the reason of not going on the episode, he said, “Achhi comedy ke liye set ka mahaul achha hona chahiye”. He also added this bit, “Yes, I refused to do the episode featuring my Maama Govinda, as there are some differences between us, and I didn’t want any of our issues to affect the show. For comedy to be effective you need to work in a warm friendly atmosphere. Laughter can only be generated in the midst of good relations”.

He also spoke at length about his relationship with mama Govinda and told, “I love Govinda Maama a lot. And I know he loves me as much. Which is why he has the right to be upset with me. And I love him too much to face him now when things are the way they are between us. I wouldn’t able to stop my tears. So, it’s best not to do the episode. I’ve been very close to him. I’ve stayed at his home with him and his family. Jitna pyaar hai, utni hi doori ho gayi hai (Even if there is lots of love between us, but lately there’s a widening distance as well)”.

Now finally, after Krushna’s interview, even Govinda speaks up, says washing dirty linen in public is insecurity. He gave his honest reaction and take on the same and in his recent interview a leading Indian national newspaper publication, he said, “I am utterly sad to talk about this in public, but it is high time that the truth came out. I read the report about my nephew (Krushna Abhishek) not performing on a TV show as I was invited as a guest. He also spoke about our relationship. His statement had many defamatory comments and was thoughtless”.

Further, Govinda also went on to add this bit, “I’ve frequently been at the receiving end of Krushna and Kashmera’s defamatory comments — mostly in the media and some on their shows and stage performances. I don’t understand what they are gaining from all this. My relationship with Krushna was strong since the time he was a child; my family and people from the industry have witnessed it. I feel that washing dirty linen in public is an indication of insecurity and allows outsiders to take advantage of misunderstandings in a family”.

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