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Govinda Speaks About Conspiracy Against Him In Bollywood

In a recent interview, Govinda talked about the conspiracy against him by gangs in Bollywood.

Bollywood actor Govinda used to rule the box-office in the 90s. He had made a special place in the hearts of the audience that seems to be irreplaceable till date. However, with time, Govinda’s on-screen presence diminished. Fans were unable to understand that why Govinda distanced himself from mainstream cinema. But turns out, it wasn’t Govinda’s decision, but a conspiracy against him that sidelined him.

We have been talking about Nepotism and the existence of camps in Bollywood. And as per Govinda, he has been a victim of it for decades. After seeing the rising debate on Nepotism, Govinda said, “I have been fighting this battle for 20 years and some people have maligned my name but I ignored them.”

Govinda revealed that a group of people has always conspired against him. He said, “In the last 14-15 years, I have invested money and lost around Rs 16 crore. I was treated badly by some people from the fraternity too. My films didn’t get theatres and they wanted to demolish my career, which didn’t happen.”

Talking in detail, Govinda said in an interview, “This is a new rumour that has started doing the rounds. They, in fact, conspire by offering me films that I would not like–ones with sex and violence. If you want to make a film that has a lot of sex, why not make porn films? I also know there was a discussion in one of the offices to give Govinda 15 scenes and two songs and then later make him Bhagwan Dada by giving him just songs, and thereafter make him a junior artiste. But I did not let them succeed. Maine band baja di. I came back playing the hero and also produced the film. However, it is a different story altogether that my film did not get a platform.”

Well, Govinda didn’t reveal any names as to who are the people conspiring against him. Despite all the challenges, Govinda is fighting hard and promises to come back stronger in 2021. 

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