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Gehana Vasisth Takes A Dig At Kangana Ranaut For Being ‘Political’

Controversial actress Gehana Vasisth has openly slammed Kangana Ranaut during her recent media interaction.

Actor and model Gehana Vasisth, who spent five months in jail this year has taken a dig at Kangana Ranaut during a recent media interaction. Gehana was arrested in February by Mumbai Police Crime Branch for involvement in adult videos racket. Her arrest was followed by Raj Kundra’s arrest in July, making it one of the biggest controversies of the year 2021.

When a reporter compared her controversies with that of Kangana’s, Gehana said, “I don’t want to be compared with Kangana Ranaut. I didn’t want to get into any controversy, but the controversy barged into my house and therefore, I had to go through a lot of things. But things are good now.”

She further said, “Kangana always talks about political stuff. I believe that she should leave Bollywood and join politics. It will be a good platform for her and then she can speak against Bollywood as much as she wants. It doesn’t matter anyway. For me, Bollywood is always superior.”

Taking a dig at Kangana for her controversial remarks on Bollywood, Gehana said, “I want to add that if you earn your bread in Bollywood, then you shouldn’t speak negatively about it. If you have a problem with someone, go and talk to him. There’s no need to create a mess in front of the whole world.”

Gehana further mentioned, “After whatever I have gone through, I think I am very strong. I am doing very good in life right now.”

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