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Gay Couple Reveals Horrifying Experience Of Watching Badhaai Do In Theatre

A gay couple from Delhi has revealed their shocking experience of watching Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar's film 'Badhaai Do' in a theatre.

Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar’s film ‘Badhaai Do’ has initiated an important conversation. Not only the film makes an interesting watch but also gives out a strong message of acceptance towards LGBTQ+ community. The film revolves around the concept of lavender marriage where a male and female get into a marriage of convenience to hide their homosexuality.

Badhaai Do was released in theatres on 11 Feb. A gay couple from Delhi, Agniva and Priyanjul Johari, had a bitter experience of watching the film in a theatre.

They took to Instagram and shared their horrifying experience. Read below:

“We got into a fight at the theatre while watching Badhaai Do.
Sitting in the row ahead of us was a group of about 10 friends, guys and gals, who found the same sex couple scenes funny and embarrassing. They were constantly whining….
‘Are mai toh galat movie dekhne aa gayi’
‘Pehle kyo bataya Sakshi tune ye sab hoga isme’
‘Tujhe bade maze aa rahe hain Sakshi kahi tu bhi isi category mein toh nahi’
Also in the very front row, there was a man constantly passing HOMOPHOBIC and PERVERTED comments whenever Bhumi and Rimjhim’s couple scenes were shown….
‘Oye hoye maja aa gaya’
‘Ek kiss ho jaye!’
‘Kitti badia picture hai’
I was pissed. But what could I do. Agni asked me to calm down as he didn’t want me to get any trouble. And then came Rajkummar Rao’s coming-out monologue. I was moved and in tears. There was pin drop silence. I couldn’t resist and started clapping, hooting on the top of my voice. That pervert from the front row said, ‘ye pakka gay hoga’.
This was it. I stood on my seat and yelled.. ‘Haan bro GAY hu! Apne bande ke sath aya hu. 4 saal se relationship mein hu. Dono ke ghar pe bhi pata hai. Bol… koi dikkat?’
Everyone heard me yell. The whole theatre fell dead silent.

After a few seconds, everyone unanimously burst into applause.
Literally, the whole theatre was cheering and hooting for me.
They remained quiet for the rest of the movie and didn’t utter a single word until the movie ended.”

Check out their Instagram post:

This post is going viral on Instagram and they are garnering appreciation from people.

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