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Garrvil Mohan: Most Challenging Character For Me Was Ajmal Akhmal

Garnering positive reviews for his performance as Pablo in recently released film Kaagaz, actor Garrvil Mohan opens up about Kaagaz and much more in his latest interview with us.

He’s a bollywood actor and also digital star who has worked in Bollywood films like Junooniyat (2016), Hacked (2020), and recently released Kaagaz (2021). In his recent interview with us, Garrvil Mohan says most challenging character for me was Ajmal Akhmal.

In his recent exclusive interview with us, opening up on his journey and more, Garrvil Mohan says most challenging character for me was Ajmal Akhmal.

Getting chatty with us in the latest interview, bollywood actor Garrvil Mohan says most challenging character for me was Ajmal Akhmal.

In his latest exclusive conversational chat interview with us, bollywood actor Garrvil Mohan says most challenging character for me was Ajmal Akhmal.

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When asked in his entire journey till now, which has been the most challenging role of his till date, Garrvil said, “Most challenging character for me was Ajmal Akhmal from Zindabad. This was a character I played in the webseries called Zindabad (2019) where this person had to kill his own daughter which was something totally disturbing and also before this I had never done any action so physically also it was very challenging for me”.

When asked that out of all the multiple hats of being an actor, dancer, singer and entertainer what does he enjoy doing most and why, on this Garrvil told, “Out of the all the artistic mediums I pursue, acting is the closest to my heart and being an actor is a very happy and proud feeling for me. Acting is very therapeutic and meditative source of medium for me. In my childhood, I used to participate in a lot of school plays, theatres and skits during schooling days. Acting takes me away from the daily realities of life and the time in between action and cut I get away from my real life of being Garrvil on the stage, in a series or movie and just focus on my character. Acting will always be my first love. From my childhood, I wanted to pursue a lot of professions but in a single lifetime it doesn’t seem to be possible. Acting is such a profession that it gives me an opportunity to search for many other professions and get acquainted with them”.

When asked that how much relatable Pablo from Kaagaz is in real life with Garrvil, on this he said, “Actually I could relate to Pablo a lot because I am also very happy and hardworking in my life and I saw similar traits in Pablo which is why I just fell in love with him that is why I had to be Pablo”.

When asked about what is his upcoming webseries after Kaagaz, he asserted, “After my latest release Kaagaz, people will get to see me in Anamika which is another series being directed by Vikram Bhatt sir. I am playing the character of Ansari in this series. I can’t divulge much details but I am working with Bollywood actress Sunny Leone in this series and this series will be releasing on MX Player”.

When asked about defining his bollywood journey in one sentence, he said, “If I had to describe my bollywood journey in a single sentence, it is a beautiful experience. I feel blessed to be a part of this industry. It was my childhood dream of becoming an actor in Bollywood and I am living my dream wherein I am getting to work so early with so many wonderful directors like Vikram Bhatt and Satish Kaushik so I am really thankful to them”.

When asked that how did this role of Pablo in Kaagaz come to you, Garrvil said, “I got to be Pablo in Kaagaz due to two people. One is my casting director Taran Bajaj and second is Satish Kaushik sir who is the writer and director of Kaagaz. One day I got a call from my casting director who told me that you have to do an audition for Satish Kaushik’s film. Then I told him that I’ve already worked with him as an AD in Gang Of Ghosts (2013). On this Taran sir said that it is really amazing. This time if you get this role, then you get to work with him as an actor too. Then I told that it will be a big and happy thing for me to work with him. I gave an audition and after some days got a call which said that Satish sir has liked your audition of Pablo and that is how I got the role of Pablo”.

Further he also spilled beans about how he fell in love with character of Pablo and said, “When I read the script of Kaagaz, I fell in love with role of Pablo immediately. Satish sir has written the character with so much of love and when you see the film you’ll witness how Pablo always stays happy and also a journey between him and Sonia is shown wherein they have a love story and then get married along with helping Bharat Laal Mritak. Everything about Pablo’s character was so nice like he’s a happy person who is a creative soul and also has his own love story along with helping Bharat Laal. I felt all these things to be very amazing and also heroic as well which is the reason that prompted me to do this character”.

When asked that out of films, series and theatre which medium is more challenging, Garrvil said, “Because I also do theatre, so for me films, digital and stage all mediums are challenging. I am a person who loves challenges and also likes to overcome them to pass with flying colors. I believe in hardwork, focus and dedication and as long as a person has all these three qualities embedded within him, I believe that he would be able to overcome challenges”.

When asked about his experience of working with Vikram Bhatt and Hina Khan in Hacked (2020), Garrvil said, “I am a big fan of bollywood film Ghulam which had been directed by Vikram Bhatt sir and starred Aamir Khan in lead role. When I got a chance of working with Vikram Bhatt sir in Hacked, I was very excited and felt on cloud nine that it is such a happy moment for me to work with Vikram Bhatt sir. Ghulam is one of my all-time favorite films. The director who directed Aamir Khan in Ghulam will be directing me this was a really happy feeling for me so it was amazing being a part of the film Hacked. It was a lot of fun working with Hina Khan as well. She’s am amazing person to be around so the vast experience that she has from past so many years, so every camera has its own language where technically Hina is a really strong actor and I got to learn a lot from her as an actor. It was a lovely working experience with both Hina Khan and Vikram Bhatt sir”.

Lastly, when asked about his experience of working with Pankaj Tripathi in Kaagaz, Garrvil signed off by telling, “I have no words to describe Pankaj Tripathi for he is a powerhouse of talent. He is one of the finest actors of our times and also in Indian cinema as well. I feel very lucky to have worked so early in my career with Pankaj Tripathi sir and Satish Kaushik sir so early in my career. I have learned a lot from Pankaj sir both on and off the sets. We became like a family over there. We spent 23 to 24 days together on sets shooting for the film”.

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