Gangster Planned Attack On Salman Khan During The Shoot Of This Film, Know Details

During the shooting of Salman Khan's film Ready, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi had planned to attack the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan recently received a death threat note following the murder of Sidhu Moose Wala. After which the local authorities have been investigating the issue and the CBI agency has also taken over the case to look at the possible reasons and people behind the note that was left for the actor.

Meanwhile, according to the reports, it is believed that the letter could be associated with the assailants of Sidhu Moose Wala who have previously threatened the actor after the black buck poaching case.

When And Who Planned The Attack On Salman Khan?

During the shooting of Salman Khan’s film Ready, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi had planned to attack the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan with his entrusted henchmen. But due to a lack of weapons, the plan failed. Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi entrusted this task to one of his henchmen Naresh Shetty to kill the Dabangg actor. While Naresh Shetty hasn’t been the only one who has been after the actor. A gangster named Sampat Nehra had also stayed in Mumbai for several days so that Salman Khan could be targeted.

These gangsters stayed in Mumbai and visited the actor’s house several times to target him when the actor came out of the house for his usual cycling routine. But Bishnoi could not succeed in his plans. As the Delhi Police Special Cell Counter Intelligence Unit arrested three sharpshooters of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang from a residence in Mumbai who was planning to kill Salman Khan. Their names were Rajan Jaat, Sumit, and Amit Chota.

Why’s Lawrence Bishnoi After Salman Khan?

According to the reports, the Bishnois hold the blackbuck in high regard and believe that they are sacred animals. And soon after the case of the blackbuck killing went into the news, the group targetted the actor. Bishnoi had earlier threatened to kill Salman in 2018. Rahul alias Sunni, one of Bishnoi’s close aides, arrested in 2020 on charges of murder, had confessed that he had planned to kill Salman and even went to Mumbai to conduct a recce of the murder. Outside the court in 2008, Lawrence Bishnoi had said that he would kill Salman Khan in Jodhpur. He had also said, “As of now I have not done anything but when I kill Salman Khan, it will be known. Right now I am being dragged into nonsense.”

According to the reports, “Maharashtra Home Department strengthens actor Salman Khan’s security after a threat letter was sent to him and his father Salim Khan yesterday, June 5,”. Recently, A CBI officer was photographed outside Salman Khan’s house a day after the actor and his father and renowned screenwriter-producer Salim Khan received a threat letter.

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