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From Badshah to Yo Yo Honey Singh, Musicians, And Their Inspiring Rappers Story

Right from Badshah to YoYo Honey Singh, Here are some Musicians and their Rappers story to fame.

Badshah: In his early stage of career he was part of ‘Mafia Mundeer’, a hip hop crew led by YYHS. His controversies with YYHS and started to gain fame for ‘Kar Gayi Chull’ song 

Yo-Yo Honey Singh: He literally blew up after his album International Villager, before that he did some controversial songs. His almost all songs are always around cars, girls, and parties and that’s what made him famous.

Emiway: He had several boosts for his career, first when he released ‘Aur Bantai’, then ‘Maal Wali Aunty’, ‘Tadak-Padak’, and then when he dissed Raftaar, divine, and MC stan.

Divine: The very talented rapper from Mumbai, started to gain fame after the release of ‘Yeh Mera Bombay’ song and blew up after ‘Mere gully Mein’ song.

Raftaar: Another one from ‘Mafia Mundeer’ crew. Raftaar became famous for Songs like Swag Mera Desi and Bandook.

Naezy: One more crazy rapper from Mumbai. He started to gain fame after ‘Aafat’ song and blew up with divine for ‘Mere Gully Mein’ song.

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