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Friends Reunion Compared To TVF Aspirants’ Last Episode, Know People’s Reaction

Friends Reunion is finally happening and is being compared to TVF Aspirants Last Episode. Watch how people reacted to this comparison.

The long-awaited Friends Reunion is finally happening. Streaming service HBO Max made the big announcement on Thursday. They wrote on all their social media handles, “The One Where We Get to See Our Favorites Back Together Again. The #FriendsReunion is coming on May 27 only on HBO Max.”

As soon as the announcement was made, people expressed their happiness and excitement over the same. Friends has a huge viewership in India as well.

However, currently Indian millenials are obsessed about recently released mini web-series TVF Aspirants. It didn’t take people much time to connect both the shows as both of them have strong flavors of friendship.

The Friends reunion was compared to TVF Aspirants’ last episode where Guri, SK and Abhilash reunite for Guri and Dhairya’s marriage. The friends whose friendship had gone sour left the past behind and posed for a happy picture.

Even the production company The Viral Fever (TVF) joined the bandwagon and created a unique poster combining the two shows.

Sharing this, they wrote, “A reunion that made us cry in happiness.”

Now, even though people loved TVF Aspirants a lot, not many were impressed when compared to iconic show Friends.

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A user wrote in the comments, “okay bro. stop bragging.. yeah your show was nice.. awesome.. but don’t compare it to friends.”

Another user wrote, “Karvali na beizzati….. Bewajah dono shows ko compare karke!”

Even the die hard fans of TVF have turned against them after making this comparison.

This makes us say, ‘Shows may come and shows may go, but Friends lives on forever.’

Friends Reunion featuring all six of the original cast was actually supposed to happen last year, but it got delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, if you still haven’t watched the Friends reunion promo yet, watch it here:

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