For the first time Rakesh Roshan speaks about his Cancer

Rakesh Roshan spoke about his Cancer for the first time and recalled the times when he faced the rigorous treatment.

After diagnosing with Cancer, Rakesh Roshan kept himself away from social media. While there were reports that the filmmaker is undergoing treatment, he is hale and hearty now.

Speaking about his Cancer for the first Rakesh said “It was in September last year when the filmmaker noticed a blister below his tongue. His first instinct was thinking to himself if it was cancer. However, the doctor dismissed the possibility of cancer and treated the blister with medicines. It was only three months later when he went for a biopsy as suggested by the ENT specialist that he found out about his cancer.”

“He recounted the fear that he went through on listening to the traumatic procedures of treating a throat cancer such as cutting the tongue and removing a part of the skin from the wrist to replace it on the tongue. He also disclosed about his fears and said that he felt better only after the doctor assured him that they would just make an incision on his neck to eradicate the node which was the source of cancer.”

It is said that Rakesh might step back as the director of Krrish 4 for his recovery.