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Film Producer Jogender Singh Gets Candid About Hawayein

Bollywood film producer Jogender Singh in his recent interview opens up on his next upcoming film titled Hawayein and much more along with spilling details on why Hawayein special to him.

Currently producing a Bollywood film at the moment, film producer Jogender Singh gets candid about Hawayein.

Spilling more about the storyline of the movie, film producer Jogender Singh gets candid about Hawayein.

Opening up on the why this film is special to him, film producer Jogender Singh gets candid about Hawayein.

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Producer Jogender Singh, who is currently producing a film titled Hawayein, says that the project is very special to him. The story of Hawayein revolves around the story of a boy battling cancer. Spilling more beans on same, he said, “Hawayein is my next venture and the star cast is Kiran Kumar ji, Shiba, and the main heroine Ester Noronha. It also stars Parikshit Sahni and the main lead is Bhavesh Kumar. The film is about the journey of a boy who belongs to Delhi, and is suffering from cancer. He is not aware of this and when he starts bleeding, he comes to know about the disease. He tells his father that he has never done anything wrong like drink or smoke and asks him why this has happened to him. He wants to explore India like the hawayein in this country. We have shot at different parts of India such as Srinagar, Jaisalmer, Goa, Mumbai, Ladakh and Kerala”.

 Meanwhile, talking about his own journey in the industry, Jogender says, “My hometown is Rohtak in Haryana. My parents were school teachers and my background is very ordinary. I have an elder brother who has joined the services. My family has a sports background, I am a boxer and my brother was javelin thrower”.

He also added, “I was always interested in the entertainment industry as we, Indians, love cinema. I was an international boxer and formed my own company. I wanted to enter the entertainment industry and so I thought of becoming a producer. My first film was in 2019. It was called P se Pyaar F se Faraar”.

Talking about the film, he says, “Actually the script’s demand was that we needed a normal guy who is from a sports background because the film is all about a sportsperson. He is a javelin thrower and we had kept many auditions but we didn’t get any suitable candidate who could play the role well. But in one the auditions, that took place at Haryana, Bhavesh Kumar auditioned and since he had a sports background, we felt that he could do justice to the character and we choose him”.

Talking about his future plans, Jogender says, “I can see many possibilities as a producer in the entertainment industry. Due to this break because of Covid-19, the value of OTT platforms have increased and the viewership has also increased. My plan is to produce a web series next”.

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