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Fight Of ‘Justice For SSR’ Is Now ‘Justice For Kangana Ranaut’

Did you witness the transition of 'Justice for SSR' to 'Justice for Kangana Ranaut?"

Remember how millions of people raised their voices together to demand justice for Sushant Singh Rajput? We witnessed the power of social media and the voice of common man as everyone came together and demanded CBI enquiry for Sushant’s case. And, we succeeded. But did you notice the transition when this fight became the justice for everyone but Sushant.

Well, the Queen of Bollywood, Ms Kangana Ranaut was amongst the first ones to come forward to demand justice for Sushant. But in no time, it all became about her struggles and her achievements.

You shouldn’t be shocked when we tell you that Kangana has herself admitted that she is not fighting for Sushant. Shocking, Right?

In a recent interview, she was asked what she is fighting for – justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, against the alleged drugs nexus in the industry or if she is simply fighting a political battle.

To this, Kangana replied that she is actually fighting for herself. She said, “I am actually just fighting for myself. I want to clarify this today that I am only fighting for myself because when I do that, others will get inspired… When the path in front of you has obstacles, you remove them for yourself.”

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Her statement doesn’t really shock most people. Kriti Sanon, who was too close to Sushant wrote a cryptic post on Instagram that reads, “They fight for you. Then they fight with each other. An unstoppable chaos. And it’s not about YOU anymore. Its about them. Maybe it always was…”

Actor Kamya Panjabi wrote, “It all started with Justice For SSR then “Justice4kangana” now “justice4ravikishan” kal koi aur hoga parso koi aur phir koi aur..where is Ssr in all this? Who is gutter n who had a fall out with johar, who all did drugs n who is getting the Y security, inn sab meh where is ssr? Socho socho.”

Well, as Manoj Bajpayee said, “We have all left Sushant behind in all this.”

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