Farmers All Set For Boycotting Kangana’s Films In Punjab

Repercussions of Kangana's now deleted controversial tweet is that now farmers are all set to boycott Kangana's film in Punjab and have even met up to discuss about the same.

It is almost the year about to end in next few days but even now, Kangana remains controversy’s favorite child and entire December 2020 she was in limelight thanks to her now deleted controversial tweet that gave birth to the nastiest and ugliest social media war between Diljit and Kangana and repercussions of that tweet can be seen now wherein farmers all set for boycotting Kangana’s films in Punjab.

It is often said that celebrities have the power to influence the masses where each and every word they say in public or through their social media handles have a power to impact on peoples and netizens either positively and negatively where if something wrong and bad is being said, then nowadays social media users and twitteratis start slamming and trolling celebs for same and something similar happened when the Kangana Diljit social media war of words started and went on till quite a few days back and now consequences of Kangana’s fearlessly bold controversial and hurtful tweet is that farmers all set for boycotting Kangana’s films in Punjab.

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Diljit Dosanjh’s way of roasting Kangana on social media platforms was appreciated by netizens and fans who hailed and rooted for him as a hero and legend and post that many Pollywood music industry celebs started supporting Diljit and bashing Kangana brutally on social media platforms. As a result of Kangana’s tweet against the ongoing farmers protest in which she has directly insulted the elderly old woman irked the entire farming community in Punjab and now farmers all set for boycotting Kangana’s films in Punjab.

It all started from the moment when the ace actress Kangana mocked the elderly women named Bilkis Dadi of Shaheen Bagh and Mahinder Kaur of Punjab also accusing and placing false allegations them of accepting Rs 100 to take part in the protests and rallies, she rubbed farmers the wrong way and now is on their bad side as well.

Let’s take a look and read at what farmers have said about Kangana –

Where one farmer said, “Vo rajneeti kar rahi hai… vo publicity ke liye kar rahi hai”.

Another one making fun of Kangana told, “Kangana ka koi kasoor nahi hai… jismein jitni akkal hoti hai vo utna hi bolta hai”.

One farmer taking sly dig at Kangana says, “Khud ko promote karne ke liye aadmi aisa kar deta hai… jaise Kangana Ji ne kiya hai”.

One farmer directly calling out the actress said, “usne logo mein badnaami karayi hai… isse toh achcha aadmi chup rahe”.

 Earlier, too the gossip mills and grapevine buzz was very strong that post her controversial tweet and entire controversy on social media with global superstar Diljit, all Punjab cinema owners have met up to discuss and talk about her tweet against farmers in detail and are currently mulling and thinking strongly about not screening her films in their cinemas and multiplex theatres as well. But, from that point till now there has not been any official confirmation on this.

Also, Kangana in her recent tweets sometime ago also spoke about how she has been receiving rape and death threats for her tweets. She wrote, “I have been honest about the film industry so most of them are against me, I opposed reservations most Hindus hate me, during Manikarnika’s release I fought with Karni Sena so Rajputs threatened me as well, I oppose Islamists many Muslims hate me, I fought with Khalistanis”.

In another tweet of her series, she also mentioned, “So now most Sikhs are against me, my well-wishers tell me no political party likes a vote repellent like me, so clearly no political party appreciates me, most of you wonder why I do what I do. Well in a world beyond this world in the world of my CONSCIENCE I am appreciated”.

On the work front, Kangana Ranaut recently finished shooting for her forthcoming film Thalaivi, a biopic on the life of late Indian politician and film actress J Jayalalithaa and is in the prep and training mode for her actioner thriller spy flick Dhaakad where she would be seen playing the role of Agent Agni.