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Falguni Pathak CRIES While Celebrating Navratri From Home In 2020

Indian singer Falguni Pathak got emotional and cried as she couldn't do live concerts in Navratri this year due to coronavirus pandemic.

Indian singer and composer Falguni Pathak got emotional and teary eyed as she missed doing concerts during Navratri this year. Falguni Pathak is known for doing live shows during the 9 day-long festival every year. But this year, due to the pandemic, there are no live concerts and garba or dandiya nights.

Falguni posted a video on her Instagram to wish her fans a Happy Navratri. In the background, she had played one of her shows on TV. As she addressed her fans, she couldn’t control herself and got emotional.

She said that since people can’t gather this year, all one can do is tune into her old shows on TV and remember the good old times. She then even grooved to her songs.

Her comment section was filled with heart warming messages as people told that how much they miss her this year. Some requested her not to cry and stay strong.

This year, Falguni Pathak released a new romantic song for Navratri season. The song titled “Madhmithu Naam” went viral moments after its release and people are praising her for her amazing single this year.

In an interview, she said that it was quite fun for her to record the song as well as shoot it and it is her way to reach out to the people who will be celebrating this year. She also added that through the song, she wishes to spread the message of hope and love.

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