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Exclusive: Veronica Vanij Shares How She Felt When Her BFF Malvi Malhotra Was Stabbed

Actor Veronica Vanij shares how she felt when her best friend Malvi Malhotra was stabbed in Mumbai.

Actors Malvi Malhotra and Veronica Vanij share a good bond. They often hang out together and post pictures with each other on social media. Both of them are on a path to make it big in the entertainment world.

Last year, Malvi was brutally stabbed by a film producer when she rejected his proposal. Malvi was returning from a cafe in the evening when he stabbed her thrice by the road side.

Recently, Veronica was asked how she felt when this horrifying incident happened with Malvi. In an exclusive interview with Lehren, Veronica said, “When Malvi told me the first time, I was really shocked. My first reaction was ‘How did you deal with all this?’ In a city like Mumbai, and in an industry which is the safest to work in, if one has to face such a situation, it’s not easy to get over that. Malvi is very strong. God knows how she handled the whole situation. I can’t believe such incidents can happen in a city like Mumbai. People can’t take rejection. They can’t take a girl’s rejection. That’s the problem.”

She was then asked if she feels scared now. To this, Veronica said, “I had never imagined that such a thing could happen in this industry. But now when it has happened, we do feel scared. We have to take extra care of ourselves from now on. Now we know that we are not that safe in this industry. If this industry has good people, then it also has bad people. So, one has to be mentally prepared. That’s it.”

Veronica Vanij was recently seen in a music video titled ‘Khuda Na Kare’. She was also a part of shortfilm ‘Smartphone’ starring Hina Khan.

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