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Exclusive: Malvi Malhotra On OTT Debut And Dealing With Trauma

Lehren's exclusive interview with actor Malvi Malhotra on her OTT Debut in web series 'Geisha' and how she dealt with the trauma after she was stabbed by a producer a few months ago.

Malvi Malhotra is an Indian actress who is known for her role in TV show ‘Udaan’. She has also worked in Hindi film ‘Hotel Milan’ and Tamil film ‘Ondikku ondi’.

Malvi is all set to make her OTT debut this year. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with her:

You are making your OTT debut soon. Can you tell us more about the project?

It is a web series called Geisha and I am playing the lead. I have finished shooting for it. It is in post-production right now.

In the series, my character’s name is Divya Sharma who is an actress. She comes from a small town and becomes a successful actress and then she has a downfall and it turns out to be a murder mystery. So, it is a very interesting subject.

Do you relate to the character?

Yes, somewhat! Not completely but her struggles are similar to mine. And her journey is very different from my journey.

When will it release?

It was about to release in April but it got delayed due to the pandemic. The studios are shut and therefore, the post production is pending. Once it is done, I think it will be released very soon.

It stars actor Aman Verma as well. How was your experience working with him?

It was a really nice experience. Aman is a very good actor. Even Tarun Khanna is very nice. They are polished actors.

You started with TV and worked in films also. And now you are making your OTT debut. As an actor, what difference do you see in all these platforms?

In TV, if the show gets good TRP, they keep extending the script, which becomes boring after a point of time. There is no bound script in TV. But in OTT, we have a bound script. We know we have to finish the story in, say, 10 episodes. So there’s more clarity about everything in OTT.

And films are always good. Watching yourself on 70mm is an amazing experience.

What’s your criteria for choosing a project?

I first look for a good story and script. And then, I look for my character that how important it is. If I find a character fascinating, I go for it.

You have done your post-graduation in commerce. How did acting come your way?

I came to Bombay for studies. My focus was to do a good job. I even got placed in BNP PARIBAS. But when I was in college, I used to do theatre and I found it interesting more than anything technical. And when I got placed in my job, I then realised that this is not what I want to do. So, I opted for acting.

Were your parents supportive at that time?

Earlier they tried to convice me to continue my job since I was getting a good package. But when I told them what I want, they agreed. They are very supportive.

Do they see your work?

Yes and they love it. When they first saw me on TV, they were very happy because in North, people watch TV more than films or OTT. So, for them, TV is a very big thing.

You have been in the industry for 3 years now. How has been your journey so far?

It was very good. I find myself lucky that I have got good work in these 3 years. I hope this pandemic gets over and we can resume as soon as possible.

Last year, you had an unfortunate accident when a producer stabbed you. Such incidents don’t just harm you physically, but mentally too. How did you deal with the trauma and are you out of it now?

Yes, I am out of it now because I don’t think about it much. I try to focus on other things rather than feel negative about anything. Whatever happened, happened! We can’t change it. But we can change the future and the way we think. Sometimes, things are not in your control, like I get bad dreams sometimes. So, there are things in my subconscious mind that I can’t control. But when you are in your senses, then you can try to be positive. So, I do that and I am completely out of the trauma.

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But do you feel scared sometimes when you go out knowing that you are on your own?

Yes. You know, sometimes I feel that somebody is following me. I know it’s not true but it is there in my mind. I get scared at some point. But now I keep pepper-spray with me. I am also about to get arms license. So, I will feel safe.

You recently said that you will take self-defense classes also. Have you been able to take them yet?

I joined for kick-boxing but my doctor said that if I get hurt then it will be bad for my injuries. So, he asked me to wait for 6 months before starting any physical activity. Because during a physical activity, you might get hurt. So, it is better to heal your body first.

It’s been more than 6 months now. So, once I am back to Mumbai, I will take the classes.

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What are the other projects you are looking forward to?

Before the lockdown, I signed a Telugu-Tamil bilingual film. They were about to shoot in Coorg, Karnataka. But the Karnataka situation is also bad. So, once the situation normalizes, I will go there and shoot.

What kind of roles attract you?

I like strong roles like Rani Mukerjee in Mardaani or Priyanka Chopra in Quantico. I like female-oriented, strong-headed roles. I would love to play a cop on screen.

Any actor who inspires you?

I like to watch old cinema. I like Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, Meena Kumari. I look up to them and what they do and try to manifest that in me.

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