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Exclusive: Leslee Lewis On 34 Yrs Of Musical Career, Rejections & Hit Songs

Lehren's exclusive with composer and singer Leslee Lewis as he talks about his 34 years of journey from the advertising industry to films and albums.

Leslee Lewis is a popular singer and composer known for his phenomenal work in the advertising industry and pop music. He has ruled the advertising world with some of the most popular jingles over the last 30 years. He is the man behind Indie Pop, also known for his classical fusion called ‘Colonial Cousins’ with Hariharan.

He conceived and created all the music for Coke Studio, MTV India debut season. There are many more feathers to his hat as a composer and singer. But behind these achievements, there’s a constant struggle and a never-give-up attitude.

Watch our candid conversation with Leslee Lewis as he takes us through his musical journey, how he faced rejections at every point of life and why he has no plans to retire.

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