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Exclusive Interview With Gunjyot Singh On His New Song ‘Yes Karna’

Lehren's exclusive interview with singer Gunjyot Singh as he talks about his latest single 'Yes Karna' released by Tips Music.

Tips Music has launched a new Punjabi song titled ‘Yes Karna’. Featuring Gunjyot Singh and Yashika, Yes Karna is an upbeat romantic song and has crossed 5 million views on YouTube. London-based Gunjyot has lent his soulful voice to this beautiful track.

Gunjyot expressed his happiness and excitement after receiving positive reviews on his song. On being asked about the shooting of the song, he said, “Everybody’s been asking if we have shot the song in Europe. But the truth is that we have shot it in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. It’s a beautiful place. We shot the song in two days but extended our stay to four days because we were mesmerized by the beauty of that place.”

Gunjyot feels happy to have associated with Tips for ‘Yes Karna’. He says, “I think Tips is the best music company in India. I associated with Tips via Sunny Vik who have composed this song.”

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The rising star in the Punjabi music industry began his career as an intern at a 5-star hotel in London. With time and hard work, he climbed up the stairs of success in the hospitality industry. When asked about his inclination towards music, he said, “It all started during my job. Big Hollywood stars used to visit the hotel. I have met everyone, from Rihanna, Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, Beyonce and Bradley Cooper. I don’t think there’s any Hollywood celeb I haven’t met. I have worked there for 7 years and I used to take care of these celebs. And when you are around these big artists, you get to learn a lot from them. I was always interested in music but never paid much attention prior to that. And then, there were auditions happening for the Punjabi film Sajjan Singh Rangroot. I was given a very small role in that film. But the universe played in my favour and the film’s writer noticed me on set and offered a relatively important role of Lachhman Daas. So, I worked with Diljeet Singh, Jagjeet Sandhu and Jarnail Singh. From this film, I got a boost and here I am today launching my song.”

“I have done a few more Punjabi films. They haven’t been released but will come out soon,” Gunjyot concluded.

Yes Karna Song ft. Gunjyot Singh

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