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Exclusive: Eesha Agarwal On Acting Journey, Nepotism And Upcoming Marathi Films

Lehren's exclusive interview with Eesha Agarwal as she talks about her acting journey, struggles and her upcoming Marathi movies.

How did you begin your journey in the entertainment industry?

6-7 years ago, the shooting of the Hindi film ‘Kahin Hai Mera Pyaar’ was going on in my hometown Latur. Even our house was used to shoot a few scenes in the film. I asked the director to give me a small role in the film. I told him that I was very fond of acting. He then agreed and gave me two songs and few scenes in the film.

Then I went back to Pune and finished my studies. I took part in pageants in Pune. This is how it all began.

Did you always want to be actor?

Yes, I always wanted to be an actor. I always used to get 1st prize in the annual functions or plays while I was in school. God has gifted me with acting and dancing talent. So, I always wanted to make it in the glamour industry. So, that’s why I started with pageants. My first pageant was Miss India Exquisite where I represented India in the US. I later did some Tamil and Telugu movies. And now I have done a Marathi movie as well. It is called ‘Zol Zaal’.

Was your family supportive?

Initially, they were not. But when I won Miss India Exquisite in Delhi and then represented our country in US, then my whole district (Latur) was proud of me. They all supported me eventually.

What kinds of struggles did you face when you first came into this industry?

I was very new to this industry. I gave so many auditions. There are a lot of struggles. If you are new to the industry, people don’t take you seriously. That’s why I participated in a lot of pageants and made a name for myself so that people start taking me seriously. I got my first break in ‘Kahin Hai Mera Pyaar’. And then I did regional movies.

Have people started taking you seriously now?

Yes, in Marathi industry, they do.

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What is your take on Nepotism?

Yes, nepotism does exist and we can’t deny that. But OTT has given a lot of exposure to artists who don’t even belong to filmy background. Seeing such actors doing good on OTT, people like me get hope. Nepotism is there but new opportunities are opening up parallelly. If you are talented and hardworking, you will get work eventually.

How does it feel to be on set with superstars?

My film ‘Kahin Hai Mera Pyaar’ starred Jackie Shroff. So, he asked me what I do. I was studying Nutrition at that time. Beside acting, I am a nutritionist as well. So we talked about food and stuff.

These superstars are very down to earth. We get to learn a lot from them. They are big stars but they are very simple. Even my Marathi film ‘Zol Zaal’ has a big star cast. So they share their experience and guide me as well. Also, when you get tagged with them, you also make a name for yourself.

What kind of roles do you like to play?

I want to work in all genres. Be it comedy, drama, or suspense, I want to do all kinds of roles.

You have worked in the Tamil, Marathi and Hindi film industry. Which industry do you prefer more?

In order to work in Bollywood, one has to live in Mumbai. But I prefer to live in Pune because I have my home there. Also, you don’t necessarily work in Bollywood in order to showcase your talent. You can showcase your talent in regional films and OTT as well.

Bollywood is a little hard to get in. So, I am happy to work in regional movies as well.

What difference do you see in the South film industry and Bollywood?

It’s more or less the same. And everyone has their own experience. In Bollywood, we speak Hindi and so, we feel comfortable. I feel comfortable doing Hindi and Marathi because of the language.

But South industry is more progressive. People are more professional there. But otherwise, both industries are same.

What are your upcoming projects?

My Marathi film ‘Zol Zaal’ is going to release soon. It might be released on an OTT platform. The producer is yet to make a decision.

After the lockdown is lifted, I will begin shooting another film called ‘Back To School’.

How was your experience working on ‘Zol Zaal’.

It was a home-like environment. We felt like one big family.

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