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Exclusive | Composer Lalit Pandit: “When I See My Songs Getting Remixed…..”

During an exclusive interview, composer Lalit Pandit talked about the new age songs, the added pressure on composers and the remix culture.

Composer Lalit Pandit of the popular Jatin-Lalit duo is currently working on independent music. The brothers had together delivered music for iconic films like DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Fanaa, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, K3G etc before they parted ways in 2006. We asked the music legend about his views on new gen music. He said, “I like today’s music. It is a different kind of music. When good songs come out that have new composition, I really enjoy it. It is a creative job. You can’t deliver the best always. You falter sometimes. But one must keep trying. Music is something that reflects your personality. The music you create reflects your nature and thoughts.”

He further elaborated that the new composers are not given enough creative liberty and they are forced to create remixes of old songs. Lalit Pandit said, “I think that the new composers are very talented but they are not given enough creative freedom. If they are given a free hand, they will create new songs and not just remixes. They are forced to do remixes. Nobody wants to do at their own will. So, original music is missing these days. And that’s why independent music is gaining popularity. Even I am also doing independent music these days, because there’s freedom. Today, the film’s music holds such high value that people are afraid to work up a fresh song. But I am sure, time will change.”

Lalit said, “I start finding mistakes when I hear remix of my songs.”

On being asked if a big label is important or creative liberty, the composer said, “It is good if a big label is backing you. But at the same time, I think if the product is good, people will recognize it. I have seen it. There are many films that didn’t work. Out first film “Yaara Dildara” didn’t work but its song “Bin Tere Sanam” is the most remixed song ever in the industry. The song had an individual power. The film didn’t work but the music was so powerful that people remember it till date.”

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