Ex-Bf Himansh Kohli Speaks On Neha Kakkar Moving On In Her Life

Himansh Kohli talks about how he feels as Neha Kakkar has moved on in her life.

Playback singer Neha Kakkar is living the best time as she recently got married to Rohanpreet Singh. However, not so long ago, Neha had an ugly breakup with actor Himansh Kohli. The duo made headlines in 2018 when they ended their relationship and even in 2019, they remained in headlines when Neha criticized Himansh.

In a recent interview, Himansh talked about how it all affected him and what he feels right now. He said, “This has been happening since 2018. I don’t blame Neha also now. She has moved on, she is happy. I am happy for her. I am happy for myself. I am living my dream life, making money, and entertaining more audiences. But there are some people who are still stuck in 2018 whereas we are living in 2021. You can’t do anything about it. Some people feel I have done something bad to a person. But I know that I am not a bad person.”

Himansh always maintained silence about his break-up. He thinks that talking about his personal life in public wasn’t necessary. Talking about how their separation turned ugly, he said, “She did her bit, she was angry. She must have posted something. I was angry I didn’t post anything. But who is more toxic now? Toxic are the people now those who keep pinpointing you, keep on poking you, which is not required. I don’t want to be putting a blame on anyone. That’s why I never spoke up. I don’t want to put any derogatory remarks on her. We are neutral – there is no love, there’s no hate. If we can maintain this, people should also do the same.”