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“Even during Covid, Independent artists are at their boom,” says composer Urmila Varu

London based Urmila Varu is helping independent artists showcase their work to the world via her record label company called ‘Music Fitoor’.

Urmila Varu, an independent singer, composer and lyricist is encouraging new budding musical talent and artists by bringing them on-board her production label Music Fitoor. Born and raised in Pune, India, Urmila began her musical career in 2016. After struggling for a long time to find the right opportunity in the Hindi music industry, Urmila decided to be in-charge of her own life and dreams. Upon realising her potential, she chose the path of creating independent music and there was no stopping for her since then. So far, Urmila Varu has 25 original singles of her own creations released worldwide on all digital platforms. She worked with big music labels like B4U Music and Red Ribbons music companies and her songs were a big hit.

Urmila currently resides in London, UK and has started a record label company called ‘Music Fitoor’ where new budding musical talent and artists are encouraged and helped to achieve to their full potential. With the launch of Music Fitoor, she turned her obstacles into opportunities.
By her own experience, Urmila knows the struggles of new artists in the Hindi music industry. And therefore, she constantly encourages the new artists to not give up on their efforts and bear patience until they achieve their goals.

“While Bollywood is at standstill due to Covid, upcoming independent artists are at their boom,” says Urmila. During the Covid-19 pandemic, when the world was forced to close its operations, Urmila and her team were busy creating exciting projects while stuck at their respective homes. One of their projects is the web series, ‘Kahanibaaz: The Story Teller’ produced by her company Music Fitoor in collaboration with JST films. Other upcoming projects are lined up with talented artists like, singer Anurag Maurya, director Jitendra Singh Tomar, Niraj Shojan, actor Neel Siwal and many more. She says, “I am very excited about all my upcoming projects and hope many of them will be released as soon as the end of 2021 itself.”

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Urmila believes that music is a form of meditation, a never-ending spiritual journey, and a medium to connect with people regardless of the barriers of language or ethnicity. She is extremely passionate about music of all kinds, especially Indian music. When she was a child, she used to memorize theory subjects by adding music to them. She says, “I used to make a song of the poems or any answers which were hard to remember, record it and then listened to it. This way, it was easy to remember.”

Her inspiration comes from her father who also loves music and likes to write poetry. Her passion for music is evident from the way she describes it, ” I feel a heart is a musical instrument and heart beats the tunes of soothing melodies”.

Looking back at her glorious journey of 5 years, Urmila feels overwhelmed to see herself grow exponentially based on her talent and hard work. “The journey hasn’t been easy, but beautiful,” says the singer.

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