Emraan Hashmi Praises Salman Khan And Reveals Why He Doesn’t Attend Bollywood Parties: ‘They Just Don’t Do Anything For Me’

Highlighting Salman's dedication and experience in the industry, Emraan applauded the actor's meticulousness behind what might seem like effortless portrayals on screen

Emraan Hashmi, riding high on the success of his latest film Tiger 3, which has been hailed as a super hit by fans, recently showered accolades on his co-star Salman Khan. In a candid conversation with Zoom Entertainment, Emraan delved into Salman’s evolution as an actor and why he considers him a Bollywood superstar.

Reflecting on Salman’s growth as a performer, Emraan expressed admiration for the depth in Salman’s acting, particularly emphasizing moments in the film’s first half and the way Salman portrays vulnerability on screen. He praised Salman’s charismatic presence, citing his ability to effortlessly connect with audiences and acknowledged the ease with which Salman portrays emotions, citing that sometimes the apparent casualness belies the precision and effect that he brings to his performances.

“I’ve grown up watching his films. He’s really evolved. Especially in those moments in the first half, or how he pitches the vulnerability of the character, the way he cries on screen. He’s really come a long way. Salman has so much charisma… Sometimes you don’t need to put in so much effort, and that shows. He’s kind of effortless, but he knows what works,” he added.

 Highlighting Salman’s dedication and experience in the industry, Emraan applauded the actor’s meticulousness behind what might seem like effortless portrayals on screen. He credited Salman’s years of hard work and on-set experience for this effortless yet impactful execution.

Emraan also spoke about his rapport with Salman off-screen, expressing their great working dynamic despite not socializing much outside of work. However, he lauded their professional connection, mentioning their compatible vibe during work hours.

Shifting gears, Emraan shared his perspective on Bollywood parties, confessing his lack of enthusiasm for such gatherings. He revealed his early departure from Shah Rukh Khan’s recent birthday celebration, attributing his disinterest in parties to his abstinence from alcohol and his avoidance of industry-centric conversations post work hours.

“I was never a big fan of parties. I don’t know why. They just don’t do anything for me. I don’t drink, therein lies the biggest problem. And I don’t make film industry small talk. The last thing I want to do is talk shop after pack-up,” he said.

With its recent release on Sunday, Tiger 3 is steadily marching towards crossing the impressive milestone of Rs 300 crore in global box office earnings.

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