Throwback! When Emraan Hashmi And Mallika Sherawat Got Into A Big Fight For Kissing Scenes In Jannat

Emraan Hashmi made some controversial remarks about Mallika Sherawat on the talk show "Koffee With Karan," which sparked the start of their cold war.

Along with acting in Bollywood films, actor Emraan Hashmi is also known as a “Serial Kisser”. His passionate on-screen kisses earned him the name “serial kisser.” Anurag Basu’s rom-com Murder, one of his sexual thrillers, gave Emraan an instant hit. The actor and Mallika Sherawat had a lot of private and lip-locking moments together in the movie. The gossip was flying back then because of their sizzling on-screen chemistry. But very few people know that after the release of the movie, a nasty fight took place between Imran and Mallika. Read below. 

According to reports, the two actors have ice-cold attitudes and never miss an opportunity to take a dig at one another. Emraan made some controversial remarks about Mallika on the talk show “Koffee With Karan,” which sparked the start of their cold war. Karan Johar, the show’s host, asked Hashmi to name the best and worst on-screen kisses he’s ever witnessed.Interestingly, the Jannat actor claimed that Jacqueline Fernandez in the movie Murder 2 was a better kisser than Mallika in the movie Murder, where Mallika was the subject of his worst on-screen kiss. Not only that, but when he was asked what he would find in Mallika’s bedroom. He left shocked, saying, “An Idiot’s Guide to Succeeding in Hollywood.”

This comment made Mallika angry, and she said in one of the interviews that the snake she kissed in her film Hiss is a greater kisser than Emraan.

And it didn’t stop there! The 44-year-old actor claimed to despise Mallika Sherawat in an interview with India Forums during the promotion of Awaarapan. When asked which woman he liked to work with the most, he replied that all of them, with the exception of Mallika, were great. According to a reported comment from Emraan, “Everyone but Mallika. She speaks out a lot. I despise her.

Murder, produced by Mahesh Bhatt, was a hit at the box office. The movie was released on April 2, 2004.

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