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Do Controversies Shred The Career Of Celebrities?

Do controversies and legal trouble tarnishes the public reputation as well as career of the celebrities? Know all the details.

Controversies are a part and parcel of every celebrities life. Every now and then we hear about controversies about celebrities. Bollywood’s biggies are also not spared from getting entangled in legal trouble. Well, it is said that the public image of the stars is important for bagging good films. Many stars and people associated with the entertainment industry have given their statements on the reputation getting affected due to the controversies that surround the celebrities. 

From Aryan Khan to Jacqueline Fernandes, many celebrities have into the radar of legal trouble in the past two years. Their public images have been disrupted due to getting intertwined into legal disputes. Shah Ruk Khan’s son Aryan Khan has been into the headline since his arrest by NCB on a cruise ship. It was last month when the star kid and his family could take a sigh of relief after he was cleared of all the charges. Aryan along with his father had to face a lot of criticism due to the allegations. 

Talking about the impact on reputation due to the charges Criminal lawyer Majeed Memon says, “The Supreme Court maintains that arrest should never be the first step in an investigation, precisely what happened in Aryan Khan’s case. An arrest has to be the last step or deferred at all. The financial, psychological, and reputational damage that such incidents can cause is beyond repair. In Aryan’s case, there was a gross misuse of power to arrest. If there was no evidence because of which he was discharged, was there any evidence during an arrest?”

Many actors also had to face downfall in their careers due to legal charges. Actor Suraj Pancholi as well as Shiny Ahuja are the perfect example of it. One gets judged by their looks, style, appearance, relationships, mannerisms, failure, reputation, fans’ appreciation, and a lot more. When criminal charges are thrown on a celebrity it becomes very difficult for them to clean up. Bagging roles also become a matter of concern for celebrities. Casting director Kunal M Shah says, “Casting is one of the most delicate fields in our industry. Everything depends on how your film performed last Friday, or the success or failure of the last project. It definitely affects big time. If an actor is involved in a controversy, the producers definitely shy away from casting them. We have seen many high-profile actors who have been in legal issues and the producers are wary of taking them into projects simply because huge money is at stake. Nobody wants to get stuck. In the recent past, I was working on a film and the actor who was finalized for a role got stuck in a legal situation and he was dropped at the last minute.”

2020 was really a troublesome year for actress Rhea Chakraborty as the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput led to her liability. Well talking about how Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt cleared their image Rumy Jaferry said, “People don’t realize that several other artists and crew members are involved in the making of a film besides the stars. Why cause them a loss? People like Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt are like brave fighters who battle such tough, testing situations and come back stronger.”

Several celebrities have also taken the help of philanthropic work in order to clean wipe off their tarnished image from the public’s eyes. According to Prahlad Kakkar, “Salman is bulletproof, he gets labeled as a killer and still gets away with it. His brand value got affected, so he started Being Human. Some smart PR guy told him you better come across as a little more socially responsible otherwise you’ll be perceived as a spoilt brat. The venture didn’t make any money, but it saved Salman’s life. Talk about Shiney Ahuja after his rape case, he was not a bad actor, but he was relatively unscrupulous in his method to try and get to the top. Nobody really liked him. So when people got an excuse they sent him tadipaar. When you are an outsider you should be grateful that you got a break. Then the industry slowly accepts you like it accepted Akshay, Shah Rukh”

Well, there is no doubt that the reputation of celebrities gets hampered due to such controversies but also few of them are overcome with strategies.

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